I wrote 30 articles in 4 hours. Here’s how I did it…

I know that CONTENT is a big barrier for people who are getting started, hell, I had problems getting out all the content I’ve had in my head too.

Either you do it yourself and it takes forever…

Or you outsource it and it sucks…

Or you get a pro to do it and you really really can’t afford that.

But now I’ve stumbled on something that I think is the best of both words and it delivered massive results for me today. I want to hear what you think.

So here’s the deal…

I got great great great results from dictating my content and having it transcribed by other professionals on a microgig site.

I wrote 30 good sized articles and got 32,000 words of content within ONE DAY – and I wasn’t really working that hard!

Want these kind of results? Would it help you finally take your niche over? Would it help you make that product or fill your blog with content?

I thought so.



“You really want to start with some PLR material.”

The actual writing process was easy compared to really finding the right PLR to get started with.

I know that I wanted to move quickly so get great results, but I also wanted something that I’d be okay using in my business in the weeks to come.

I used some stuff from White Dove Books, you can use whatever you’ve got laying around. Not an affiliate link but check this out.


Now this one IS an affiliate link: If you’re in IM, John Thornhill released an archive with YEARS of his older content as a PLR package for about $20 – six figure guy and you know the content is good… I bought it myself.

if you’re interested in using that instead, it’s here:


EDIT: This might be expired by the time you read this. 🙁 oh well!

Anyway, once I selected something I downloaded a free copy of Audacity (just google it) and the LAME encoder (google that too). This is audio recording software for every platform. It was very easy to boot it up and just talk into it.

It’s really easy, all you have to do is TALK.

The process of dictation shouldn’t just be rote recitation.

You want to provide your own intro, tell personal stories, and just give your own thoughts and tangents. You can also mix and match things from your other PLR.

"Talk Personal."

“Talk Personal.”

What you should do is make sure that all of the MP3s are a similar length (five minutes and a little change) so that when you split these MP3’s up, you don’t have a situation where you’re paying the same price for different length tasks.


Amazon’s Mechanical Turk program is really the way to go to get this stuff transcribed. Sign up, and post a task.

I don’t want to flood your inbox with those details, but check this site out:


Now, if you want a simpler solution, you can just get this done at Fiverr, but those guys will usually have a backlog and it’ll take a few days. Whether it’s worth waiting for the extra simplicity is up to you.


The quality’s been solid. I’m happy with it especially for the price. I had to make a handful of edits for business terms and things that I muffled but all in all it’s been


Okay, I understand that this isn’t going to be an ideal solution for everyone. Some people will have a lot of free time and no money and won’t be willing to spend 60 bucks to get the content transcribed.

And other people would rather just pay up front and get someone to do the content for them. But look at how inexpensive this is – $60 for about 30,000 words of content. You can’t take a day and get a book described.

So are you going to act on it? Is it useful? GIVE ME YOUR FEEDBACK on this. Tell me what roadblocks you run into and show me your results.

Send me some of your content (I won’t rip it off, duh), tell me the problems you ran into or how helpful the idea was.


  1. Hello Micah,

    Thanks for sharing this! It’s a really nicely written explanation of how to get a tedious task done. It’s especially good for those of us who struggle to write quickly. Awesome work!

    Michael J Harris

  2. I can understand the mechanics of how you did this, but where did you get the concentration to be able to sit down and write for 4 hours and have it still turn out well?

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