4 Easy Ways to Flunk Your Business (Avoid #4 At All Costs!)

It takes a lot of sweat equity to build up a great online business and once you have finally found success, you want it to continue. What you need to do is to continue to run your business in a professional manner in order to ensure that it continues to thrive. Sometimes people lose sight of what is important or they simply find a measure of success and then feel that they can relax. The truth is that your online business is something that you work on every day and continue to build and develop and the moment you stop doing that, you are going to run into serious problems. Here are 4 easy ways to flush your online business down the toilet:

That’s like the mating call for the toilet.


#1 Try To Do All of the Work Yourself


Day 24: still no sign of sleep

As your business grows and the demands become bigger, trying to do everything yourself can lead to you making some very stupid mistakes. If you have developed your business into a going concern the work load will mount as the business starts to grow. Why bother outsourcing anything when you can handle it all yourself? Writing, marketing, web design, email lists, content, products, coding… you can do it all, right? Smart business owners hire specialists in every field and have them assist them with the every day tasks so that they have time to concentrate on developing their business.


#2 Do Not Bother to Make Any Kind of a Business Plan


Who needs a plan when you can stumble through things blindly and get the job done? Planning is for uptight people who have no life and that is not you! If you just project ahead to what you see your business doing in a year or two you should be fine. There is no need to have a road map or directions to get to that point at all, stumbling along blindly will take care of things for you nicely. Business plans are for large businesses that need to get financing but they are not really useful for smaller businesses, right? Without a proper business plan, you will not have direction and your business will fail.


#3 Never Have any Type of Social Media Presence

social media


Sure, there are millions of people using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., but not you. You are way above interacting with those people… who are they anyway? Social media never works for the most successful businesses, right? Have you seen how they run those cheesy contests to attract followers who are eager to read everything that they post before, during and after these contents? That is probably something that will take up way too much of your time and social media is a fad, right? Social media is a way for you to connect with your target audience and if you are not doing this, you are missing out on a huge market.


#4 Choose A Crappy Domain Name


Setting up your website is simple, right? It all starts with choosing a domain name and you know all about selecting the right domain name for your business, because you chose the name you currently have. There really is nothing to know about domain names that is too important, after all it is just a stupid domain name, right? Who is even going to pay attention to your domain name when you have so many customers flocking to your website to purchase all of those fabulous items that you have on offer. A bad domain name can ruin your business, choose right the first time, or have a professional assist you.


Your customers are the lifeblood of your business and if you are not catering to them and giving them what they want then they will go elsewhere. Take the time to find ways to connect with your target audience (hint – social media) and find out what they want and then give it to them. Although this concept sounds simple, many online business owners are completely missing this point. People want to be able to connect with the businesses that they are purchasing from, and they prefer speaking to a real person, not an automated message or an answering machine. Be approachable through a variety of channels and you will be rewarded with a responsive customer base and a successful business, but never forget that it is your customers who have made you successful.


  1. Hey Micah,

    I have to chuckle because I’m still doing all the work myself. I’ll hire something out that I need done that I’m not very good at but as far as running my business and my blog that’s all on me.

    I made the mistake in the beginning of not having a business plan but I really didn’t know what I wanted to do nor the direction I should take. I think though that the slow progression really ended up helping me than hurting me although it is not the process I would highly recommend everyone take.

    Whether we love it or hate it social media is here to stay so you definitely think to think about where you target audience likes to hang out. They might not be on every single site so it’s not like just because there are hundreds of them out there you have to be on every single one of them. That’s just not the case today but you definitely need to be building a relationship with them and pointing them to your site.

    I’ve messed up in the beginning by choosing a crappy domain for some of my sites and then of course not knowing how to market them properly. Boy did that ever hurt me but it was a lesson learned.

    Definitely things people need to pay attention to so great share.

    Hope you enjoy your week.


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