A Simple Playbook for Writing Badass Blog Comments


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A blog comment can be a valuable reference back to your site, especially if you are commenting on a popular blog that has a good following. In fact, forget the traffic stuff,  this is a way to catch some eyeballs and get some good conversation going on your own site. But only if you don’t suck at it.


If you want your comment to be published it needs to be give some kind of a decent contribution to the blog. Here is a simple playbook for writing badass blog comments.


Actually Read the Blog Post


Sounds simple, but many people overlook this simple step. Are you wasting your time posting your link and a generic comment to thousands of blogs? Stop it. Use your time wisely and only visit blogs that relate to your niche. Once you see a good blog post, take the time to read it, carefully and think about a good response. Do not just say “nice blog” or “great post” because that is garbage that no one needs. Take the time to write something that adds value to blog or the blog owner may not approve your comment.


Add Value to the Blog


We mentioned this just a minute ago, but we want to explain it a little bit further. When you read a blog, do you take the time to read the comments that are listed below that blog?


If so, what do you see there? If you see a series of meaningful comments that ask the blog owner a question or present a different view and those comments have been published, then you can see a certain vein that you should follow. Think about what you can say to respond to the blog post that will intrigue the writer and the readers of the blog and write a post of at least 50 to 100 words.


Ask a question in your comment that invites people to continually respond to you, which will continue to bump your comment to the top of the list. Share your valuable knowledge and add something unique, but make sure you read previous comments to make sure no one else has added that same information already. Start your comment with a compliment to the writer such as “interesting post” or “thanks for the great read” or something along those lines to pump up the blog poster and encourage them to post your comment.


 Spell Check your Comment

silent grammar

There really is nothing worse than writing something “intelligent” and then making yourself look stupid by making some silly typographical errors. If you need to write out the post in a word document and run a spell check first, go ahead and do that. Read your comment over carefully a few times before you hit that publish button, because once you submit it, it’s on there!


Do Not Spam


Most people do not understand that they should not spam other people’s blogs. Although your main purpose in leaving a blog comment is to get the link back to your site, you do not simply post a link or add a link back to your site in your post. In case you did not know, most blog owners have their blogs set to “no follow” so that search engines do not count it as a backlink anyway. Take the time to add value (as mentioned above) – that is your “give” and then write out your name and site link to the info box that will be presented to you at the end of your comment. This will incorporate a link back to your site in a signature line in the blog post comment, rather than showing a tacky URL right in the comment. This is your “take”, although it won’t come across as a take, because it is disguised.If you follow these simple rules, you will be seen as an added value by the blogger with your interesting comments that make people think. You will become that badass blog commenter that people love to respond to with comments that they love to read.


Blog owners will also appreciate it if you add value to their blog by leaving meaningful comments that give them ideas and material for new blog posts. When you find a few blogs that you like, keep returning and adding your comments and follow the blog poster on Twitter too so that they follow you back. After you establish a relationship the blogger may even allow you to do a guest post if your comments are good enough!




Jacques became forever known as “The Internet Gentleman Blog Commenter”


  1. Hi Micah – good to be over at your blog too 🙂

    That was a nice post on writing blog comments, which I feel many bloggers need to read so that they learn the fine art of writing good comments.

    It’s horrible to receive just a comment consisting of a few words or even the 1-2 lines, which I’m glad I don’t get much of, or perhaps people know I prefer commenting long, so they too do the same in most of the cases. But if you read the whole post, there is no question of not adding the post through your comments or expressing your views about the post, which will extend more than a few lines!

    People who don’t really leave meaningful comments are the ones who comment for backlinks perhaps with the sole purpose of getting some link juice. They aren’t really interested in building relationships with fellow bloggers, which happens only once you visit each others blogs and comment, isn’t it?

    Yes, there are LOTs of spammers who leave comments but they are trashed straight away, though thanks to CommentLuv Premium, I don’t get much of those now. Nevertheless, you need to be careful of such people 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…3 Secrets to Winning a Writing ContestMy Profile

    1. Author

      Yeah, I uh… don’t have the commentLuv thing rolling properly yet. 🙁

      The blog is really more of a side thing for me, I like to write about marketing when the mood strikes me, but this year I’m trying to introduce a bit of consistency to things. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hey Micah,

    It just needed to be said and I’m glad that you put it out there. This is not only a simple playbook for writing badass blog comments, but its definitely a powerful one!

    The more meaningful your comments are the more the writer and other comments will take notice. Asking questions, adding suggestions, or even disagreeing with the other shows how much you’re interested in the material that they wrote and how much you want to engage.

    One big problem with some people that they don’t read the whole post. They are more focused on getting backlinks to their own site more so than giving value to the writers site. This is downright untactful and you can definitely be penalized by google. Although this shouldn’t be the main reason why you should go to different blogs, but bloggers and entrepreneurs in general should think of the law of reciprocity. If you really want to gain something out of this, you definitely want to make yourself more “attractive” to others by being more engaging! When you’re consistent with this, you will definitely start to build a following!

    Thanks for the share Micah! Have a great week!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…What Benefits You More in Building An Online Marketing Campaign?My Profile

  3. Hi Micah,

    I stopped by your blog last week but I was hit with a notice that your account had been suspended so I’m happy to see you back up and blogging.

    Ah, comments… You know when I was first taught to comment I was told that it was a great way to get traffic to my blog so that’s what I was focusing on. But the more content I read, the more I learned and I was SO impressed. I couldn’t help but want to share with them my thoughts and feelings so that’s really how my commenting journey started. It was no longer about the traffic or the links, it was about my education and making so many cool connections with some amazing bloggers.

    I’ve had some posts that it was obvious that the commenters hadn’t read it or they wouldn’t have said what they did. I get that we’re all short of time some days but those are the people I can tell who are not there for the right reasons and I just don’t approve their comment. Even if it’s someone who has been a regular reader, it’s not about being seen on my blog. I’m all about the connections and the people I can help so although that can benefit them as well, people will read their comments too and it will be obvious why they’re there to them too. That’s not a very good thing at times.

    I know commenting can be very time consuming and I totally agree with that but when you do it for the right reasons then that’s going to look very good for that person and people will be drawn to them and what they have to say too.

    Great playbook information Micah and I totally agree with everything you’ve shared. Way to go and glad to have you back up and running.

    Adrienne recently posted…Thankful Thursday: Google+, List Building, Social Media, Twitter, Top BlogsMy Profile

    1. Author

      Yeah, I had a CRAZY mishap with the hosting this week, but this seem pretty settled now. I’m hoping to get things going more consistently both here and other places, but it’s more for the purposes of meeting new people than it is for promotion. vOv

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