You need me because being average hurts.

It’s not a concentrated dosage of agony…

And SOME days you can even ignore it.

But it drip drip drips in every day that you settle for less than you deserve.

And when the weight of being average sets in on your business – it hits harder than the smell of a gas station bathroom.

I hate average just as much as you do.

I found myself at 26, without a dollar to my name, living with my grandmother in the same back room my uncle died in.  When you spend a lifetime thinking of someone as the living picture of “unsuccessful” and you wake up one morning in that exact same place?

Yeah, that’s existentially terrifying. And hearing about how it was “okay”, how these were “hard times”, that didn’t help at all.

I was halfway through school, I had no money, no family connections, and zero goddamn clue. My life was in shambles! Without drowning you in rags-to-riches horror stories, “average” where I grew up meant being broke, sick, and miserable.

And it was my very best efforts in life that brought me there.

If I wanted more than that, I had to push past my ideas of “my best effort” –

And I didn’t have a safety net. It was produce EPIC stuff, like clockwork – or die.

When I talk about helping you achieve escape velocity in your business, I’m not just flapping my lip-meat together.

Info marketing blew my life to the next level. It helped me set some semblance of a daily routine, get in shape, develop an online business, and get on a handshake basis with some of the baddest names in the online world.

  • I learned how to target and persuade the people that could enhance my practice.
  • How to provide business-booming value to everybody lucky enough to come across me (welcome to the club, by the way)
  • How to have a diamond-solid vision for your future, break it out in to bite-size pieces, and make it happen!
  • How to inspire others to make that same steady, life-changing progress in their own lives.
  • And even when I’ve had setbacks (and I still have those!) I stay centered, and I don’t tear myself to shreds.

Even though I’ve trudged through my share of digital white noise from “struggle marketers”…

I know that when people share the best of what they know, it has a REAL impact.

I’m living, breathing proof of that.

Usually, leaving mediocrity hurts too.

I didn’t have a choice but to learn every aspect of the game. You don’t get the chance to work with the big guys unless you’re prepared to give them ten times what they’re giving you.

That means I did all the legwork and handed them profits on a silver platter. I learned all the technical aspects of web development, members areas, graphics, VSLs, explainer videos – because I didn’t have a choice.

It’s been years since I wrote “the American Express card is not for everyone” and a couple dozen other legendary sales letters by hand again and again in a little notebook –

But inspiring people to buy is still at the core of everything I do.

I’ve been lucky enough to find PLENTY of big dogs in the online marketing world who needed my skills. For the last four years, I’ve designed sales letters, copy, and funnels for Amazon Bestselling copywriter Jonathan Green, super-affiliate Bertus Englebrecht, sales funnel guru Mike Hersh, Craig Dawber, Dr. Amit Pareek, and many many more. The biggest names out there trust me and my work because I deliver – on time, with high quality and an absolute minimum of excuses.

I’m blown away by the quality of people I get to work with – they’ve got it together at a level I couldn’t even IMAGINE a couple of years ago.

And I’ve crafted enough six-figure launches, enough hungry minute-one buyers,  enough grateful JV partners to know for a fact that my work performs.

Now it’s time for me to perform for YOU.

Somewhere along the way, you’re going to be tempted to work with some cutesy copy clone who claims to write “killer, sizzling, crushing” stuff for a few hundred bucks less.

Let me suggest an alternative.

Sit down with me for 20 minutes. Let’s talk about your real business. Whether you’re getting off the ground as powerfully as possible, escaping mediocre results, or looking for the next blowaway idea that will beat your current control, let’s get in touch and get results.