Cut The Fluff And Clutter Out Of Your Business

‘I want to start a business, so what should I do?’




“Well first of all, you gotta stop asking obvious questions and start actually doing things.”


I’ve heard this from students, from partners, and from people who are just curious about what I do. One of the problems is there’s a lot fluff and excess information online so it’s very tough to focus on the things that are most important and it’s not books, it’s not courses, it’s not a magical piece of software, it’s basic fundamental that really would work in any business but especially should be applied in the online world.

These aren’t really conventional tips that you hear everywhere but I think that when you hear them and absorb, they’ll do serious results for you.


Getting Started

First of all, you should practice saying no to opportunities. Chances are, you go to a message board or you check your own inbox, you are flooded with opportunities. There are new plugins, there are new courses, there’s new software, there are new books, there are new people, and there are new audio but the fundamentals of business, especially in the online world, haven’t changed in a decade. It’s still about getting traffic, building partnerships with business people, building relationships with customers. In order to be successful, you’re going to have to focus on the things that are most important and only go shopping for new ideas when they fit in to your plan.

That means you’re going to need learn how to say no. It doesn’t just means saying no to marketers, it means saying no to friends who wants to go out with them or help them out with their personal lives when you have free time. You have to decide that what you are doing is important to you. It’s not just about saying that it is important either; you have to demonstrate that value. Remember that who you are isn’t just what you say you are or what you think you are but what you actually do.



Expand and Continue to Learn

You also need to make yourself a specialist and taking action. Ideally, you should be working on something 90 percent of the time and learning to do something with the remaining 10 percent of your time. People get so terrified with making a mistake or doing something less than perfectly thinking that everything is going to be shot to hell with the first that they screw something up but actually, screwing things up is inevitable, failure is inevitable, how quickly you pick yourself up from those failures and get those bad buttons rolling is going to determine your success in the online sphere. Learn just enough to do something and research when you’re trying to find specific answers to problems that you have.

Get out of the customer mentality. Don’t approach marketing the way that you would as a customer.

You know, when you walk into a McDonald’s, you have your dollar and 25 cents, you want a cheeseburger and it’s somebody else’s job to rush in and hand you that cheeseburger and put those two pickles on exactly the right spot; but in your real life as an entrepreneur, you do not have that luxury. You can’t walk into a room and tell people what you want and expect them to give it to you right off the bat.



The “Gift” of Giving

You have to approach your business with the attitude that you’re going to give to others. When you have a giving attitude, you’ll get results and you have to rely on yourself. You have to be self-motivated.

I’ve had my share of ups and downs, I certainly have; but no matter how bad things got, I was always able to come back. I was able to recover because I was self-motivated. I looked at whatever problem I have in my business and I told to myself this would have stumped a lesser person. When I think about all the people who’ve quit when they were faced with the same kind of problems that I had, it motivates me to go further.

Be a self-motivator and if you know that you don’t have the mental fortitude that you’ll need to succeed, work on building it. Mental strength is just like building any other muscle. It’s something that has to be repeatedly exercised. It has to be repeatedly challenged. So drown yourself in things that are useful in motivation.

Finally and on a similar, you need to figure out your why, your rational, and your reason for working in this business. Money is very hard to conceive off especially if you haven’t had a lot. It’s hard to conceptualize a certain dollar amount in your bank account. It’s much better to put it in concrete terms of what it’s going to do to your life.

So think about your relationships with your family, think about the things you want to do with your friends, think about what that independence is going to mean for you and repeatedly emphasize it before you start working. That motivation is going to go a long way towards improving your results.


I know that all of that can come off as kind of tough; I mean you’re just trying to learn about earning money and a lot of these elements seem fluffy, but nothing could be further from the truth. When you have the mental aspects down and you’re willing to put in the consistent effort, you’ll find that you get results faster than you could have imagined.


  1. I have seen many start ups fail because they had put too much into the initial plan of the business and not enough into the execution. They thought they needed more than they really did and that was their undoing. Less is more sometimes and we all have to know when that time is.

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