The Doomsday Mentality And Being A Broke Loser Go Hand In Hand

Please, stop telling me about the impending death of democracy. Don’t talk to me about agenda 21. When it comes to you and your business, I don’t care.



“Meanwhile, in the U.S of A…”


This was set off by a recent event but I’m pretty sure that the actual practical use of this is going to be evergreen.

There’s always some scandal in the news. There’s always something disturbing going on with the economy. There’s always the looming threat of impending doom or at least you think it if you spend a few minutes watching late night cable news. I get it, that news sells.

But I’ve got a question that needs a real serious answer, why do you get so stuck into that? Why does it matter to you and what are you going to do about the things you see on the news.

I mean, let’s face it, the economy sucks, we’re getting into recession, we might not come out of it for a long time. Credit sucks, businesses are folding up shop, the housing market is shrinking, people are losing jobs and that isn’t going to change.

You don’t have control over any of those situations but you do have extreme control over how you are going to react to the situation. If you plan on reacting to that situation by complaining, by whining, or by making excuses for your own failure or lack of success, then chances are you’ll be at the exact same place a year from now as you are today, frustrated, broke, and in bitter at events beyond your control.


What You CAN Do

You don’t have any power over the macro picture of economics but you do have control over your results and what happens to you, your friends, your family. You have a huge impact on what happens to you.

You have to decide whether you’re going to be problem oriented or be solution oriented. I’m not saying that those problems aren’t real ones. There are always going to be social problems, cultural problems, economic problems that get between you and success, but ultimately, you have to take charge and not let fear control your decision making. That means you shouldn’t pull your money out of the bank account and put it under a mattress. It means that you shouldn’t pull out the investments that you have made, marketing your business, analyzing the results, and doing your best to repeat them in the long term; and it means that you shouldn’t start trading time for dollars and in an attempt to gain security for yourself.


How To Turn Things Around

Down periods in the economy are actually an ideal sign to regroup, to find out what changes you need to make in your personal economy and make them. The fact is most of the people that are hardest hit by any downside in the economy already weren’t doing very well to begin with. The people who are affluent, the people who can help your business in your life are for the most part exactly where they were before the bad news broke.




“Seriously. Stahp.”


It’s time to adjust your mindset from one of victimhood to one of empowerment. You simply do not have control over other times, other places and other wares. You have complete control of what happens inside your business. You have control over how efficient you and the people you hire are. You have control over how effective the messages in your marketing are. You have control over the level of genuine, care and concern that you have for your customers. You have control over the relationships that you build with your clients. Those are the most vital aspects of your business.

So while I’m not telling you that you need to turn off the economy around you, you do need to put more emphasis on that what you can control.

This doesn’t just extend to the macro economy. Think about businesses that claim to have slow periods during the year. Maybe it will be during the summer when school is out or something like that. If you know that your business is coming from a slow period, it might not be time to batten down the hatches, instead it might be time to offer and send up the patients who come during those slow times.

Think about restaurants that offer special discounts and offers during the middle of the week in order to get food traffic in using sites like Groupon. If you’ve already convinced yourself that you’re going to have a slow period in your business, you’re guaranteed to have them. Instead, generate the insight and focus that you’ll need in order to keep your business afloat.

If you believe that some external factor in conclusion is going to crash your business, then it probably will. Anything that is outside of your control is outside of your control. Let your competition use those things as an excuse for being broke. Put your focus where it should be and I promise that you’ll see consistent success.


  1. This is right on target. I have seen a lot of business owners, some friends and relatives, that seem like they are giving up because of this problem or that. Whatever the government does, it will not affect what we are doing right now and right now is the time we are living in.

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