Email Marketing: Am I Getting It Right?

I had to sit down with a client a few weeks ago. He was talking about some of his frustrations with email marketing. Usually, when I hear somebody talk about how one method or another is a myth, full of hype, not really working, I find that usually the problem isn’t with the method. It’s with the person that’s actually implementing the method. Maybe you’ve run across that one or two times in your life, too. Anyway, he told me about all of his email marketing woes. And the message that was poorly written dragged on too long, didn’t get directly to the point, and didn’t really convince me to feel bad for him.

Now, if you’re not really good at written communication, chances are you aren’t going to do well in email marketing. But it’s not just about pitching. There are other elements that you want people to draw their eyes and minds to.

Remember that perception is everything. And there are a handful of things that you can do as you start your auto responder sequence, and you start building your reputation in email marketing that are going to have a massive impact on your success.



Realizing Your Worth

First, you should evaluate your brand image. How well are you doing in email marketing? Once you get started, you should ask yourself, ‘Are your readers actually doing what you want them to do?’ When you ask them to click something, do they take time to look at it? When you ask them to buy something, do they purchase? If not, you should look yourself in the mirror instead of blaming the entire email marketing world.

Ask yourself if you are presenting yourself as a person of value that’s worth listening to and worth learning from, and worth making purchases from. If not, it’s time to look at your self in the mirror, dress yourself down, and make real efforts to improve and get stronger in this area.

But HOW Does One Do It?

Remember that people have a desire to find answers, to find guidance, and to find support as they work to achieve their goals. People are pretty selfish. They care about their goals and they care about people who want to help them reach those goals. So people are going to judge you whether you like it or not, based on how much they think they could get out of knowing you.

So you need to be somebody who’s worth knowing. Look at your surroundings. Look at what the herd is doing, and try to be different from the herd. If you see a field that’s stuffed with people who are information publishing for free, hungry for commission, only care about themselves, you’ve got to stand out and be different. If they’re all offering at a certain price point, you’ve got to stand out and be different.

Only people who do what other people are not doing get noticed. That seems exactly as simple as it sounds. You cannot run a ‘me too’ business successfully, not in the long term.

So figure out what other people in your market are doing and compare yourself to them. Look for ways to improve on what they’re already doing or add your own unique flair.



  1. How effective is email marketing now days for a small business? I see how well it works for big box stores and department stores, but for an online entrepreneur, how well would I fare?

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