5 Ways To Be An Instant Wordsmith

I know that for a lot of people, writing interesting content can be tougher than an outhouse rat.


“If you think you’re failing, remember: This owl will always be better than you.”


It’s something that makes people freeze up, it makes them think about high school English, it makes them think about those dreadful presentations at work and being judged by everybody around them.

But the fact is, it’s hard to make it as an information marketer if you can’t communicate information, especially the written word. So when it comes time to write your information product, it doesn’t have to be anything like a high school essay as long as you follow a few simple tips for getting organized.

Top 5 Tips To Becoming An Instant Internet Wordsmith:

Just add hot water. Et Voila!


1. It’s very important to work with a mind map.

Do your research before you start. When it comes to writing, there are architects and there are gardeners. There are plenty of people who believe in letting their material flow naturally and catching the wave of inspiration when it crashes the shores of their desires. But honestly, if you’re in a business to make money, you usually don’t have time to wait for the muse to sprinkle pixie dust on you in the middle of the night. You have a responsibility to work quickly.

So in those interests, do your research before you start writing, especially if you’re writing something that’s long form like a book or report. Nail down your vital points, and then stretch them out as you write.



2. Don’t feel like everything has to be information.

You can share your own personal stories and your own examples that are usually a lot easier than relaying facts and figures. When you write, think about the costs of not having the information that you’re about to provide. Empathize with them. Think about the benefits they’ll get when they follow your information, and actually take action on it.


3. Look for the emotional ways that people respond to similar information.

That means going on blogs and looking at comments, reading forums, getting to know your market. When you know what they’re passionate about, it’ll be easy for you to respond with your own thoughts and your own emotions. Afterwards, stop being so critical. There’s an extreme impulse to critique your work, especially if you’re first starting out. You won’t feel that whatever you wrote is good enough to appeal to an audience, to make money, to build a network of people who are interested in what you have to say. The only thing I can say in response to this is if you’re really putting in the work to empathize with your readers, they’ll empathize with you, too.



4. Another way to increase the speed of your content is to dictate it.

You can use software like the Dragon NaturallySpeaking in order to read your content out loud. You might have a few bumps as the software starts because it’s working to more accurately transcribe your words. But don’t let that put you off. Stick with it and you’ll see that your speed and accuracy both improve very quickly.

Pool your knowledge of other people. You’ll find that sometimes it could be hard to sit down and right a product all by yourself. But if you have a friend or a fellow marketer, somebody who’s knowledgeable enough for you to riff off of and be riffed off in return. You’ll find that that process goes a lot faster and a lot smoother.
5. Finally, buckle down and GET THINGS DONE!

I hear from a lot of people who complain about how long it takes for them to write content. But when I sit with them and actually watch their writing process, it turns out they spend a lot of their time reading emails, checking their Facebook Statuses, watching TV, going for walks, trying to get inspiration. Make sure that the time you spend writing is actually spent writing. When you use a tool like toggle and actually measure the results that you get from your content production efforts, you’ll find that you get great results, better than you imagined, when you stay focused and set serious guidelines for yourself.


  1. #3 and #5 hit me the hardest. 3 because I had never thought of that and it’s completely brilliant! #5 is me all the way, no matter how I feel, I will just sit down and get started writing and soon enough the words come out and I get the jobs done that need done.

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