“Horsing Around” Will Drain Every Dollar You’ve Got

90% of affiliate marketers CAN’T be failures because 90% of affiliate marketers aren’t real marketers in the first place. Real electricians don’t get electrocuted like “fake electricians” do. I touched a wire the other day and got shocked. You made a blog and didn’t earn a dime… see the point yet?

I had to ball my fists up so many times when writing this, and reading that just made it worse. I’m still tracking down the guy who I’m paraphrasing, by the way. Everybody wants to make a little more money – just like everybody wants to lose a little weight and look a little better and get along a little more with the people they love.

But here’s what’s so frustrating –

It’s practically unheard of to see people make a plan and put steady work into those things, even while we claim they’re so important. If you’re a marketer, don’t spend “too much” time finding something that’s right for you – instead make sure you’re right for the plan.

And how do you do that?


It’s the lifeblood of any online marketer… and a poor strategy is like a fatal venom in that bloodstream.

"Strategy, the lifeblood of any online marketer."

“Strategy, the lifeblood of any online marketer.”

If you jump from thing to thing, you can EASILY blow hundreds, if not thousands of dollars before you can even realize you wasted it.

But more importantly, you’ve wasted time you could be spending doing something a little more profitable. Think fast and avoid these internet marketing mistakes you might already be making.

Mistake: You Don’t Own A Horse

And yeah… this is the biggest one.

A marketer with no product is like a cowboy with no horse.

And a cowboy with a mangy, flea-bitten little abomination isn’t much of a cowboy.

Let me just illustrate a little point. Check this out. It’s the main area of the WarriorForum… basically ground zero for the internet marketing world. Now, there’s always plenty of questions and arguments… but I don’t want you to look at that right now.

Look at the people who are asking for help.

Look at their questions. Look at the way they communicate. Maybe they have a link to their site, maybe not. Check it out and ask yourself: would you buy something from that guy?

What is the POINT of affiliate marketing? Or any kind of marketing, really? It’s all about referring someone to a product and making a sale.

And how can you do that if you don’t HAVE a product, don’t KNOW the product and can’t EXPLAIN the product?  If you haven’t tried something, you can’t promote it convincingly, and if you can’t convince… no sales.That’s why copywriters spend so much time poring over their product, learning it in and out.

Check this out, too – it’s a post from Mark Andrews, one of my “go-to” guys on the art of sales. In it, he challenges newer copywriters to get enthuastic about the most boring thing possible – a regular old BRICK. And they really, really get into it, too. Anthony LaTour posted this little image:

Do you need to go this far? No. But you need a product, and you need to know about it. Get your hands on whatever you’re selling so that you can recommend it in good conscience and intelligently discuss its strengths and weaknesses.

Mistake Two: Backing The Wrong Horse

When you first start in internet marketing, it’s only normal to want to get excited about your affiliate partners and get tons of money as quickly as possible. That’s natural. It’s psychology – human beings are really, really bad at avoiding problems, even when they’re incoming. Our lizard brains are wired to panic when something is right in front of us.

Salesmen know it too.

So it’s no surprise that the “fast as possible” mentality is paved with about 2% goldmines and 98% landmines!

Marketers rush off and try to promote the biggest, hottest product in their niche – right along with thousands of other affiliates, most of whom have a much higher budget. Bad move. Spend some time planning, and when you finally pick a product, pick one that you think a customer might really want, something that you might buy yourself if you had the money (more on that in a  bit).

People are buying from a PERSON, so make your decisions like a person and not a piece of market research software. Dorky statistical stuff like clickbank gravity and EPC’s aren’t all important, we promise.

Mistake Three: Riding Two Horses At Once

Have you ever seen a cowboy try and ride two horses at once? Maybe it was in one of those old Zane Grey flicks my grandma watched on Saturday mornings. How often did it end well?

If you’re joining dozens of affiliate programs in the hopes that you’ll be able to earn “dozens more” commissions – well, you’re wrong.

Just like “sticking with one plan” is a giant cliche for a reason… you should sell one niche at a time.

Remember that product owners want to help you – you’re building their list for free, basically – but 95% of affiliates don’t ever make a sale. They sign up and do nothing. Think a little bit about this – do you care more about the 95 people who visit your website and leave, or the one person who buys something? Trying to promote a half dozen programs and products and niches is going to reduce your focus and keep you from scoring with all of them.

Find one or two programs that pay high commission, then stick with them until they show a profit. Just as importantly, don’t try and ride two plans at once – if you’re working on affiliate marketing as your internet marketing gameplan, don’t try and market AND blog AND create a product AND make Fiverr videos. Stick with one or two things at once, and leverage other people for the rest.

Be smart, don’t horse around, and you’ll be much, much closer to making your first big sale online.


  1. Awesome article with a great sense of humor. You summed up a lot of the basics. It’sreally important not to do everything yourself and do the things you CAN do with focus and style.

    Always looking for more content like this so thx.

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