How To Build A Really Successful Blog

I’m going to explain some of the reasons this blog is so successful. – Before it gets that way.

I know what you’re thinking – insane act of hubris here. There’s a handful of entries here, practically zero traffic, no retweets, no likes, no stumbles, no pluses, none of the rest.

So, why am I giving strategy for something that hasn’t worked yet?

But barring an act of God like injury or death (which hey, could happen), this site will – eventually – be a successful one. I’m hoping that this blog will become a good case study for that. I’m also hoping that together, we can look back after a period of time and examine the mission of the site.


success baby

Too many people think of “success” in a really vague sort of way. That makes it harder to gauge whether you are or aren’t succeeding. It also makes it tougher to take any happiness from small victories. I’m going to keep my exact target numbers to myself, but I’m going to be a little more specific with my goals. There’s not going to be “mission creep” where I add a dozen features or methods or promotion, and I’m not going to try and become a superstar blogger.

A Valuable Resource For Those Who Read It


Let’s define value here.


I want to encourage visitors to transition from thoughts to habits. Each of the steps towards financial success comes with roadblocks and hurdles. And even if we’ve made that process work in some areas of life, we might be softer in other aspects. This website is going to help you drill things down wherever you are – specifically in internet marketing, list building and management, and product creation.

I might delve into a couple of other topics but that’s where I want to focus.

I also want to show what is and isn’t working RIGHT NOW. You won’t see a lot of this for the first few months, but I want this site to work like a laboratory for online income. Every situation and person is different, but I want to show you what works, what personal and financial resources you need to MAKE it work, and how long it takes.

I also want to draw people that need my help and advice. This probably is as much of a challenge as a value, especially once things get more hectic and I have to budget the time and energy I can devote to all that.

A Valuable Resource For Me

I want this blog to draw people in. I don’t just mean casual readers – I mean people who comment, who share their insight, and can improve my own business. Whether that’s with joint ventures or just giving their thoughts and advice in the comment section. I know it’ll have EXPONENTIAL results on what I do.

I have spent a lot of time in my internet marketing career working for individual clients… impressing them… and getting paid. We talk a lot about giving value to our potential partners before working with them, but it’s really hard to send a bunch of emails, ask to help everyone out, and do it while keeping your own business afloat.

Hopefully this project goes a long way towards giving value to a lot of people at once.

Planning And Execution


I’m going to write 4 or 5 topics in advance and publish 2-3 articles a week. Partially, this means that posts will come out in a reliable and predictable sort of way, which is critical when you’re first starting to build your audience.

No fear of “drop-offs” here.

It’s a lot easier to write well when I throw all of my blog topics together in a visual map. It means I can see opportunities for internal linking, and it also means I’ll have a smooth outline – every post will know where it’s going and how it gets there.

I’ve done a handful of affiliate websites and info products, but this is the first time that the product is… myself. Looking forward to seeing how it goes.

Or… maybe I’m a moron! Leave your thoughts in the comments. 🙂

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