How To Make The Auto Responder Work For You!

Whenever you sit down with somebody and ask them about their goals from online marketing, they usually mention something that can be done or proved with an auto responder sequence. Everybody likes the idea of going to the beach: spending some time with a friend, drinking a couple of muay thais, coming back and finding money in their bank account. The problem is this is a lot harder than it seems to implement because very few people know what an auto responder really is for and what to do with it when they have one.


An Auto Responder Is An Email Marketer’s Best Friend.

If you’ve got it and you know how to use it, you’ll never go wrong.


Everybody has different styles for using their auto responder, too. If you talk to ten different marketers, you’ll probably get ten different responses as to what’s best for introducing yourself and building a bond. Some people say sell right away, other people say build a relationship, a third group of people will say a third type of thing.

Here’s what I think is most important: be clear from the very start about your intentions.

When a person joins your newsletter through your squeeze page, the first thing they get shouldn’t be the freebie that they signed up for, necessarily. It should be a message from you to them. It should tell them why they joined as a reminder for the future. It should tell them what they can expect from you on a regular basis when you send emails. It should tell them how often you plan to send them emails because the inbox is a very valuable thing, and so is that time that they are going to spend reading your offers and your information.

Finally, you should tell them why it’s a good idea for them to stay with you and read every email that you send to them. Your first email is going to set a tone much like a coach who steps into a locker room the first day of camp. He lets the team know what the objectives are, what the expectations are, and what kind of work they are going to be doing. So you need to set the tone up front because in many ways, you are the coach of your mailing list.


I Got This Shiny New Auto Responder. What Now?

When you make your first few emails about you and your needs, which is what you’re doing when you forward them to some other coaching offer, some other affiliate offer that they just have to have that very day, you turn them off. You make them cold. And you’re burning out future potential money down the line from them. When you make your first few emails about your target customer, you make it about their needs. They start to wonder what they can give to you in return for the great value that you offer. Put your agenda on hold as you start to work with your auto responder. And over the next few emails, start giving some of the best information that you have to the people who are really interested in you. The idea is that you will give so much good information, be so inspiring, be so uplifting, and be so powerful that they start to love you and what you do. Down the line, in your third and fourth message, you can start recommending long standing tried and true products that you really stand behind. Something that you know they’ll like, and something that you know you’ll like.

If you have your own product, this is a great time to start pitching it. From then on, you can keep sending out good information, useful things, funny things, amusing things. If you have good products to recommend, you can always recommend them down the line. But you don’t want your subscribers to feel like they’re constantly being sold to. You want them to value you, value your information, and keep receiving it.




Relationship marketing is just like any relationship. When you have a case of the gimmies and you act in a very transparent way, you turn people off. But when you focus on giving to others and enriching the lives of the people you’re communicating with, they’ll give to you in a very natural way.


Remember that perception is reality. And when you’re meeting a customer for the first time, it’s exactly the same as meeting them face to face. They don’t know you. They only know the image that you plan to present. So if you start acting in a spammy or cheesy way like a lot of your competitors are doing, they’re going to think of you in the same way that they think of them. I know you don’t want that. So you’d want to make your intentions clear right from the start. Tell them what to expect, and then beat it by delivering something I like to call a value bomb. Something that blows them off they’re feet and makes them eager to learn about what you have to offer. The more thought that you put into it, the more you will realize that the very first email that you send might be the most important one that you’ll ever send them.

Most of your customers, potentially long term customers that will provide extreme value to you in the months and years ahead, are going to make up their minds about whether or not you’re worth doing business with based on that first email. You can’t afford to screw It up. So don’t leave it up to your readers to guess why you have a newsletter. Don’t leave it up to them to guess what they are going to get from you. Tell them why, then give it to them.

Remember that this isn’t as hard as it sounds because you’re only going to need to do it one time. Your initial messages might take hours, or even days to right. But that time is going to pay for itself over and over again in the weeks and months to come as more people get introduced to you for the very first time.

Auto responders are great because it’s the kind of work that takes one time and gives over and over and over again for as long as you have a mailing list. Don’t you think that’s worth the investment?



  1. Micah, excellent article. It’s easy to forget this important point because, like you said, so many other people are doing it the “buy this today” way. I chose to read this article of yours because I’m struggling with my auto-responder series. I think I’ll scrub it and start over. Thanks. I appreciate your guidance on this. -Elaine

  2. I have not found a good auto repsonder yet that I like and that is easy to use. Do you recommend a certain one or are they all the same and I am just lagging behind with them?

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