I Hate Spammers.

Don’t put people on your mailing list without their permission. This entire idea is HOT GARBAGE!

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“The muppets needed to find other sources of income once they realized they’d all been screwed out of their retirement funds by the Count.”


I keep getting emails from marketers who I have never seen, have never contacted before. They don’t have any sort of online presence. They don’t have a blog, they don’t have a website, they don’t have actual products for sale, they’ve never done anything for me, and they’ve never given me anything of value. But somehow, they’ve gotten a hold of my email address and it seemed fit to ruin my day with spammy offers and really bad sales pitches.


This isn’t just annoying, it’s bad business.


These days, spam is very easy to find. In most inboxes, there’s a huge spam button that looms over the inbox like Batman over a drunken Gotham City criminal. And there are so many laws and legislations that are specifically in place to bust people who do things like this.


Why give someone a reason?


On top of that, you’re going to get a very small response. Even if you sneak in an over flooded inbox, people remember who they buy from, and they remember who they communicate from. It’s not a good long term strategy. Don’t send out a rapid fire blast of hard sells. Chances are if you were to sign up for an email list, and in the first email they said, ‘I’m going to send you five emails every day.’ they’re going to try every spammy trick in the book to get you to purchase a product. Chances are you will not bother with that email list.


So why would you promote like that? Why would you do it? It makes no sense.

Maneuvering through Email Marketing

Don’t put stupid or misleading headers in your subject line in order to get readers to read your message. That means don’t put ‘Re: This is very important.’ Don’t use ‘Subject: Download this product right now.’ Don’t use: Subject: Your PayPal check is waiting for you.’ Usually, I unsubscribe immediately after I see subject lines like that because I know that no honest marketer is going to relate to me in this way, and that no important message that’s valuable will actually be related in this way.


Just because you think that that’s going to improve your business, it doesn’t help your reader, and it doesn’t build things up long term. Even in the cases of something like download such and such here, imagine how disappointed your readers are going to be when they open the email and there’s actually nothing there for them to download. How likely do you think it makes them to open the next email that you send, and the next one, and the next one after that?

Put That List To Good Use

At the same time, you shouldn’t forget to monetize your list. It’s very easy to put yourself in the friend zone with your list. You put so much focus on content, on monetization, on value, on relationships that you actually forget that the purpose of your mailing list is to make a profit from it. If you spend too much time giving freebies to your mailing list, you will train them not to buy things from you. And that’s very painful and very hard to get out of. So always, always, always give value and then ask for the sale. Don’t be afraid to use a high price point, either. You are the person who sets the value of your list, your information, yourself.


Quality Service = Profit$

When it comes to your mailing list, don’t forget that you get what you pay for. This applies to every single aspect of your marketing services, whether it’s your hosting, the auto responder service that you use, the affiliates that you work with. Making your choices based on price alone is going to hurt you in the long run. If you team up with an auto responder service that goes down frequently, that has a low delivery rate, that always gets their email stuck in the trash or spam boxes, you are actually hurting yourself because the services aren’t really worth anything monetarily.


You owe it to yourself to do better. So if you follow these tips when it comes to email marketing, you will keep yourself out of a world of trouble.


  1. Does email marketing still work? When I think of email marketing, I think of all of the stuff that ends up in my spam box and forget that every email I get from major retailers is the same thing, I just invited them in before hand.

    1. Author

      Ed: remember that you are not your customer.

      Yes, people read stuff that shows up in their inbox. Yes, people click the banner ads on those websites. No, everybody in the world does NOT have that adblock thingy on their browser. Long story short: yeah, people still respond like bonkers to emails.

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