Incomizer Review

Freedom Continuity, Maximum Leverage, Passive Traffic Generation? If you’ve come across Incomizer, Mao Flynn’s latest book on online business, you might be intrigued by the promise of a guaranteed passive income system, but a little bit confused by the terms.

"There’s LOT OF JARGON in this thing."

“There’s LOT OF JARGON in this thing.”

So, hopefully I can explain Incomizer in really basic and easy to understand way to help you decide whether it’s right for you.

Incomizer and Why Everything Sucks

Unfortunately, internet marketers tend to spend a lot of time creating and promoting things that are not guaranteed to give them the “internet lifestyle” of relaxation and “hands off” money.

If you provide a service, you have to go back to work as soon as the money runs out. If you sell Amazon products, your income is GONE if Google bumps you down. Most forms of income online make you have to constantly promote something or constantly provide something.

You want set it and forget it passive income.

That’s what Incomizer is about – Mao explains the urgency of a REAL passive income system in a really, really elegant and compelling way.

Just having a website that makes money isn’t real passive income.

It’s only passive if you’re promoting a certain kind of thing in a certain kind of way. That’s where Freedom Continuity comes in. Freedom Continuity Is just a way of saying “promote recurring products”. Stuff that brings in income monthly can give you a “floor” that ensures you’re making money no matter what.

Now the KIND of recurring products you should promote, and how to find new ones (there are a lot of them out there) is one of the meatier parts of the program.

Pros and Cons

Well, it’s a cool book, but it’s not really a “money making method” that teaches you about how put money in your paypal account over the weekend. It’s also doesn’t go in depth about how to generate traffic to your Freedom Continuity site – it tells you WHAT you should be promoting, and it also tells you HOW to promote it, but it doesn’t give you the details of making it work, because each of them are covered in more detail in… other Mao Flynn products.

Look, I understand that he’s in business to make money, but 2 and a half pages for such a vital part of the business is a little sloppy.
Anyway, about half the book is for big boy marketers.

Should You Buy It?

Well… it depends. Incomizer is great for you if you’re a marketer with a small amount of money (we’re talking $300-$500 here) who can afford to set up a system and then promote it using the highly leveraged tactics Mao describes.

Or a marketer really interested in theory and HOW the big money is made. This book isn’t really a “make money online” method. It’s a revelation of how marketing works and what kind of plans you should make for your business… like Need to Know or Online Business Manifesto. If those books were real eyeopeners for you, this is a similar kind of AHA you’ll get from this book.

Or if you’re a total newbie who has been working really hard and made a couple sales, but it fades away really quickly… and you feel like you’re working a minimum wage job instead of making it long term.

The people who are really left out by this are intermediate marketers, you know that this kind of thing is what they SHOULD be doing, but haven’t really put a lot of effort into it. The insights you’ll get from an experienced marketer like Mao are really insightful, it’s like sittng down and getting personal coaching.

If you don’t yet have the income to generate the Maximum Leverage model, you might feel a little left out.

Luckily, I’ve got a little bonus. If you’re a newbie or midlevel marketer who likes the ideas described in Incomizer but don’t have the resources to pull of the Maximum Lverage model, I can show you a little bit about the next best thing – a membership site.

Now, Mao says this isn’t a perfect passive income solution – because you’ve got to update it with new content and articles that are high quality. You’ve also got to keep new members coming in, because the average length of time a member stays on a membership site is 3-4 months. But I have a few resources that make creating new content, keeping tabs on your members, and promoting your membership site pretty hands off.

And I’d love to share them with you inside “Real Passive Memberships”, my ebook on this amazing and vital system for online income. It gives a few of the more “boring details” Mao didn’t discuss in Incomizer, AND is a great way for intermediate marketers to get started in real passive income. Just order it through this link right here, and send me your proof of purchase. I’m micah at, obviously. 🙂

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