Leads, Resources, Connections. Don’t Ask. STEAL.

And don’t worry if they’ll approve or not. It’s right there. Just take it. If I had the sense God gave a mentally disabled mule, I’d put this in PDF format, call it AWEBER CASH PIRHANA, with a picture of a giant angry fish chewing thousand dollar bills… and sell it for $7 bucks a piece.

As it is, I’m just going to share the idea with you and ask you what you think.

One of the things I CONSTANTLY talk with my friends and students is that corporations back in the olden days would have to invest time, money and energy to reverse engineer what their more successful competitors were doing. It was called “corporate espionage” and was considered a Really Bad Thing… and a sure way to net yourself an unfair advantage in the marketplace.

And hey, drop the whole “corporate” aspect of this story… back before corporations were a thing…

Back when countries literally rose and fell based on having cutting edge tools and knowledge…

Spies would sneak into countries and steal industrial information.

"That was just espionage espionage, and it still happens today."

“That was just espionage espionage, and it still happens today.”

But for reasons I can’t exactly grasp, I don’t know WHY marketers today just refuse to do that today. Take a few minutes and FORGET what you’re being taught in courses and books and seminars. Everything that’s done on the internet leaves footsteps. Success leaves traces. So… actually look at what the people around you are DOING.

You’ll get much better results following in the footsteps of 4-5 people that are getting the results that you want than poring over guides hoping to get the “complete picture”.

Anyway, with that mini-rant out of the way…

Everyone’s looking for ways to share the best opportunities with their mailing list. Once upon a time, I’d sign up for every guru mailing list I could… not to buy products, but to get a better understanding of what they sold, how they sold it, and how often they did it.

A little lightbulb went off in my head when I started searching the AWeber Archive (archive.aweber.com).

Finding Connections

Want to find out who is promoting the marketer of your choice? Throw their name into the Aweber archive and see. You’ll also see which marketers are using swipe files and which ones are writing original pitches. You’ll also get a sense of the angles they’re using to emotionally resonate with their audience and make sales.

Looking to introduce yourself and make yourself a couple of contacts? Search AWeber for phrases like “email me” or “leave a comment” – these are at least chances to improve your OWN connection with your list.

It’s easy to find people who are cool and interesting by searching AWeber and using vibrant phrases, expressions, and metaphors. I don’t want to smash you over the head with this idea, but let it marinate a little bit and you’ll impress yourself with your results.

Finding Offers

Let’s say you’re looking for products to promote. Picture that dream product in your head. Describe it in 2 or 3 words… then throw it into the AWeber Archive. You can spend a little time browsing the Google search results, and if you want to find offers that are timely, use the built in Google features to find messages being posted in the last week or so.

If you haven’t been all over sites like JVZoo and Muncheye, you’ll have a braindead way to learn “what’s hot” at a glance.

Any graphic artists got pictures of pirhanas out there?

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