Mailing Lists, the True Backbone of an Online Business

If you’ve got a seriously responsive email list, your business is on a fast track to success and if you don’t, it’s on a fast track to failure. There is a vast and dramatic difference between having a business at the mercy of search engines or Google or PPC advertising trends and a business where you own the contacts, you own the leads, and you own the relationship that you have with the individual people that are going to purchase from you now and in the future.

Beyond Control

Imagine that you own an online business and everything is going well, and you’ve done everything right and your website pages are ranking high in the search engines. Traffic is rolling in over and over and over and you’re converting that traffic into dollars. That can feel really good, but the problem is at any time the rug can be pulled out from under you. A new product can come out that’s bigger and better than what you’ve got or one of the products you promote can go under. Something can break and make it more difficult for people to make the purchase, or you can get sick and that removes your ability to do the work that’s very important. No matter what your business model is, anything can go wrong especially if you’re relying on other parties or services to come between you and your customers.

So in these situations, what can you do to rebound? You can work harder than ever. But what if it doesn’t work fast enough? If the bills start coming due and your money starts falling short, you are going to have to resort to drastic measures such as these:

  • You are going to have to reboot and start a new system.
  • You are going to have to spend more time on the search engines.
  • You are going to have to spend more time making posts.
  • You might even have to quit internet marketing altogether and go get a real job.

A Mailing List Like No Other

But imagine on the flip side that you have a solid and dependable mailing list, just like hundreds and thousands of offline businesses that have previous customers and trusted associates. Imagine that you have a network of real people who’ve already said that they’re interested in you and find everything that you do to be valuable. Imagine when times are tough and when your back is at the wall, you can turn to your mailing and tell them about new products, affiliate promotions, new things that you’re trying in your business, asking for gigs, offering opportunities. Suddenly, all of these people can rush to your rescue. They can make purchases. They can like posts. They can check out your recommendations and they can grow your business no matter what state it’s in.


“There’s nothing more comforting than your massive mailing list situated in the middle of nowhere.”

True Power

Let’s talk about ways that your mailing can build your business long term. They can give you feedback on whatever your next project is. You can tell almost immediately whether or not a new product you have to offer has any real value to the people that you’re marketing to. It’s very easy to spend weeks or even months working on something that you feel is very important, only to find out that it’s not exactly what your customers want, and it’s important to remember that giving customers what they want is sometimes more important than giving them what they need. When you have a mailing list, you don’t have to spend months buying advertising or slowly posting articles on Squidoo lenses or web 2.0 sites. You can get traffic almost instantly.

In short, there is almost nothing more useful when it comes to building a business online than having an email marketing list done right. So, start taking action and build a mailing list today.



  1. Do I have to wait until people sign up to my mailing list or can I purchase niche specific lists that are already proven and valuable? I’m want the best way to do this, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the fastest.

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