Marketing Consumers Aren’t Marketers

I’m not saying the WarriorForum sucks. I actually enjoy spending time there and helping people. But after spending time in other avenues with more experienced marketer, I get why so many experienced people shy away from it.

It’s kind of an endless treadmill of the same sorts of people asking the same sorts of questions (usually the answer is “before you learn X, you need to learn the basics of A, B, and C)… and ranting about the same things.

"Put your marketing hat on."

“Put your marketing hat on.”

It’s more of a place for marketing customers to vent than it is for marketers to share tips and advice. And there is a difference. It’s not a very high bar, but you need to make sure that you clear it.

Marketing 101 Stuff Shocks And Offends You

Now, I’m not saying you must love popups and exit splashes and the Weird Secrets The Gurus Don’t Want You To Know in order to  call yourself “a real marketer”. But if you don’t have the ability to recognize that those tactics are for somebody, and they get responses from the target market, then you have a dysfunction. It’s incredibly important for you to  take your customer hat off and put your marketing hat on.

Absurdity: Thousands and thousands of internet marketers, all complaining about being marketed to. Heavens help me.

If you spend more time reading blog posts than writing them, then you’re a reader and not a writer.

If you spend more time complaining about getting emails, being upsold, being hyped and generally being asked to buy stuff, then you’re not a marketer. You’re a consumer of marketing products.

Big difference there.

If you’ve been reading so many ads that it’s made you bitter and jaded, then it’s time for you to take a couple of really critical steps: first, cut down on the clutter and the bullshit. Read fewer ads. How many advertisements are you exposing yourself to every day? Cut yourself down to 4-5 mailing lists that you actually give a damn about and invest the thirty seconds it takes to UNSUBSCRIBE to the rest of them. And I don’t just mean your inbox. Watch less TV, and consume less stuff.

It’s important to have a scientific interest in good advertising, and there’s nothing wrong with buying stuff that can supplement your business, but you should spend so much time zipping around and SELLING to others that nobody can slow you down to pitch you anything.

I’m Not Giving You Permission To Make The Internet Terrible.

Please, don’t feel like you need to be another of the braindead marketing newbie zombies that artlessly ape the people around them. But I am telling you that marketing takes consistency, planning, physical acumen (you will wear yourself out being a couch jockey), and the ability to focus.

If you’re approaching this stuff as a consumer of marketing products, then you’re going to buy stuff expecting it to get X result. If you’re an actual marketer, you’re actually out there SELLING.

That doesn’t mean “looking for things that would be easy to sell”. Or “looking for systems to sell”. Just work, and remember that a determined person can make a weak system work, and a weak person can’t make any system work.

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