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So, it’s been a very exciting couple of weeks – my From Mindset To Action PLR package got JVZoo’s Product of the Day, and I also opened a PLR Mastermind room on Facebook and Skype. I get a lot of time to sit and talk to PLR creators and buyers, sharing ideas about this kick-ass resource.

Along the way, I got asked for some pointers on picking and rewriting PLR for absolute newbies. I figured I’d written a piece on the blog or something, buuuut no dice. So here it is.

One of the first things to think about are your own skills. Even if you’re working with PLR material, you are going to want to contribute your own skills and insights. The more that you actually read and do, the more knowledgeable you’ll be.

How To Shop For PLR

Membership sites are an amazing place to start… for some people.

If you do a lot of work with PLR, are already making a decent sum of money online, or start a lot of projects, the $15 or so per month fee for access to a bunch of graphics, articles and PLR products is a steal.

PLR Mastermind Room

PLR Mastermind Room

If you’ve a passport and government ID from “Someday Isle”, it’s probably going to be a tremendous waste of money. Give yourself a hard look in the mirror before you commit to any business expense you aren’t sure you’re going to make use of.

If you can handle the expense, then GREAT. Search for your topic and go wild, this gives you a chance to review a lot of PLR at once and pick one that appeals to you.

Otherwise you’re buying them a la carte.

Sites like WarriorForum are also good places to look – the vendors there will usually do a better job trying to “sell” their PLR and you’ll get more details of what’s actually inside.

There are also plenty of independent PLR producers that have their own private sites. This is a GOLDEN resource sometimes because often these sites go under the radar, the writers are good, but poor at promotion (giving you a better chance of nailing down rare PLR that isn’t all over the place).

How To Decide What To Buy

You want PLR that looks like people would buy it if it was offered on its own. You shouldn’t have to totally redo it to make it attractive. There are a few simple ways to get started there:

First of all, look at the sales material for the PLR. Especially, look at the concept (is there an interesting bullets and benefits that are being offered.

Remember that the sales material is the first thing your customer is going to see. You don’t want to spend the next three months rewriting and hiring graphics designers and making backend videos… only to run out of cash, have a rubbish sales letter, and lose out on everything because your elaborate product doesn’t convert.

(Yes, this has happened to people that I’ve worked with in the past… tragic!)

If the bullets and headlines are vague or promise to teach you really obvious or boring sounding things, chances are that the PLR itself is going to be boring on the inside.

Next, look at how specific the PLR is.

The more specific the subject is the more detailed it’s going to be. Even if it’s PLR, you want something that has some genuine ideas or information. It’s better to take three PLR guides on specific subjects and mush them together than to take one big vague one, rebrand it and push it out.

Length is also a decent way to determine how detailed something is, of course.

What Changes Should Be Made?

You don’t want to rewrite every single word of PLR content, that could be really tedious. Instead you need to make sure that you are really engaging with your audience.

1. Change the “look” of the text.

Add colors, headlines, sub-headlines, bullet points, and pictures.

You can also change the “pace” that the material will be read by breaking paragraphs up or blending them together.

2. Add your personality.

Make sure that they don’t just bond with the information – make sure they bond with you. Tell your story. Give opinions and stories about your experience with the material. This is an easy way to add to the content.

3. Use PLR from other sources.

Don’t lock yourself into rewriting one piece. Look for similar PLR that covers extra details that aren’t covered in the material and crop it in.


  1. Hi Micah,
    Thanks for this advice. I don’t have a problem writing—my problem is shutting up! I’ve been working on a blog post all week, trying to pare it down. It’s going to turn into a series.

    And, yes, I am a virgin. An info-product creator virgin. 🙂 I am on Tiffany Dow’s list and she and Bonnie Gean have come up with a new challenge for us. Check it out. Tiffany runs WSOs a lot and they are quality. You can find her site at tiffany dow dot com blog.

    We (at Tiff’s site) are in the middle of a product creation challenge now, as a matter of fact. I am trying to come up with something simple. After all, I don’t have to write the next Inaugural Address.

    Drop by my place and you’ll see what I mean. I pared the post down to over 1700 words today and sent it to Aweber! I did need to set the scene, so to speak. Thanks again, Micah.
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    1. Author

      Hey, Ruth.

      I haven’t checked in on Tiffany’s site in a few weeks, but one of the things I enjoy about her is that she’s always looking for ways to engage her readers and the people she works with. It’s an example a lot of people could stand to follow. 🙂

    1. Author

      I’m all for approaching things in an interesting way and sharing it with others. I like repeating this… but Dan Kennedy says he teaches about 20 things and it’s brought him twenty years of business.

  2. I ma very interested in getting into PLR marketing but had absolutely no clue as to where to start and what to do. You have given me some insight into how you do it and I think I will be able to get the hang of it rather quickly now. Thank you!

  3. I am very interested in getting into PLR marketing but had absolutely no clue as to where to start and what to do. You have given me some insight into how you do it and I think I will be able to get the hang of it rather quickly now. Thank you!

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