This is a copywriting course I did with Mike Hersh – he’s one of Warrior Forum’s biggest names, and his extensive cachet (along with all the clients we’ve generated as a team) made some of this sales letter a LOT easier… while making some of it harder.

So let’s lead with the easy parts. We tend to do high ticket offers and packages, which gives us room to make really, really big promises to nail down the business. We led with dramatic guarantees and satisfied clients – with something that high stakes, it’s the most effective way to get someone’s attention and KEEP it for the pitch. I really smoothly integrated those aspects with the “opening pitch” part of the letter, by the time you know who we are and what we can do, you’re ready to see what we can do for you.

The challenges? I wanted to go through unrolling all the important parts of the course without getting monotonous around the middle (which you run into quite a lot with letters of this size). I worked hard to keep a sense of energy through the letter, sounding excited about the course while stopping skimmers with buy links, visual illustrations, testimonials, and more.

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