When you’re working in internet marketing, you’ll very often find yourself writing about product “types” and trying to give it a fresh spin. But in other markets, you have to do an awful lot of educating your customer. Cellgevity is an excellent case study here – in order to sell it, we need to explain antioxidants, explain glutathione, explain how to mobilize glutathione, explain why Max International is the best possible source for mobilizing glutathione, differentiate Cellgivity from the rest of the product line…

WHEW! This wasn’t an easy gig. What helped was an extensive amount of quotes, images, scientific research, and testimonials from Max International – they’re obviously very excited about the product on their hands. I adopted a more mature authorial voice for this – mostly because the audience for these kinds of products is 50 plus.

Even under the best of circumstances, this requires a deft touch. I think I did a good job of explaining all of the medical issues in layman’s terms, and making the pill sound like a “real” product – on the surface, it might seems strange to insist that Cellgevity isn’t a diet pill… but it’s a good way to differentiate it from whatever Dr. Oz is hyping up this month.

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