There are tons and tons of courses out there on list building… how can you present your own course as something that’s VITAL to the person reading it? It’s hard – and it’s really hard when prospects can click to another tab at any moment and see a half dozen products that are similar?

That was the challenge I faced working on Elite Email Academy, an email marketing course put together by my friend Bertus Englebrecht. Again, I’ve been lucky to have great projects to work on, and EEMA had qualities inside the product that made promoting it a LOT easier. First of all, Bertus’ own background as a teacher made for a great transition from the empathy building stuff, and a good contrast to the pains of the IM industry. There was also a very expansive bonus package – the bonus package has more modules than the individual course! Even though they’re things that seem “obvious”, they make it easier to learn and retain the information…

Since that’s the main thrust of the pitch (a course you can actually act on from a proven success), there’s a lot of congruence. Hopefully as you read it, you don’t say “well here’s the bonus section”, but you feel like it’s an extension of the main sales letter’s core ideas.

Now here, we’re looking at a sales letter that’s not 100% complete from the graphical perspective – this was a prop letter and there are a few missing elements like pictures of the bonuses, etc. But it’s still pretty powerful.

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