This is one of my favorite gigs – this was my first WSO of the Day winner and converted at a fabulous 15% over the launch weekend.

This product is a reminder of how powerful the right product can be, and what a big difference it can make when the right people are promoting it. The product itself offered private label rights to a self-help course targeted specifically at entrepreneurs. So before I wrote the sales letter, I wrote the swipes – emails targeted towards… PLR gurus, self-help/personal development affiliates, internet marketing, entrepreneurship… all with the goal of getting as many qualified affiliates as possible to promote.

Of course, that led to a unique challenge – writing a sales letter than seamlessly appealed to all the major markets. We decided to lead with the private label rights angle and then pitch the course itself further down in the material. We did a great job with that. The design was excellent here as well – did it myself! Takes a little longer than a traditional sales letter, but the pinpoint control you get over your visuals when you aren’t grappling with CSS is a lifesaver.

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