This is a good example of how your client’s personal relationship with her customers will have an impact on how you sell something. The product here was called Manage My Dollar, an Adobe Air-based budgeting software in the vein of YNAB and Mint. When I signed onto this project, I immediately faced a challenge – how do you get someone to pay for budgeting software when so much of it is online (and cloud based!) for free?

After some deep thought (and a few drinks) I settled on the relationship between Marisa, a Philadelphia based real estate agent, and her audience. The vendor planned to target this towards prospects and home buyers who either knew her through her own website, or interacted with her personally. So I used it – there’s a lot of talk about her history in real estate and her personal story of falling into a financial crisis and getting out with a disciplined budget.

What you’re selling with a product like this isn’t gizmos and features – in fact I talk about that very little in this project. It’s more about financial stability and having cash on hand when the worst happens.


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