This sales letter was a marathon to write – in part because of the sheer number of modules involved, but also because the headline was so important. I seriously went through 50 different headlines before settling on this one – when this one launches we’ll probably split this one against some of the strongest alternatives. While I’m not against long headlines, I try to make them as compact as I can while still getting across the meaning.

With a high-ticket item like this, you really want to tell a story – not just the story of the prospect and their struggles, but the story of your product – how it was designed and developed, and why it’s approach is something that you’re not going to find anywhere else. When I sit and talk to clients, I usually ask them WHY they made the product – when you talk to them about that. you can really get across the CASE for your product and it has a powerful effect on people.

This is another project where Mike Hersh and I put the material together over a period of time. We didn’t start with the sales letter as a design document, but we did make sure that every video had got some kind of concrete benefit in the title. That made it a lot easier to sit down and do the bullet points instead of trying to turn instructional material into “benefits” after the fact. That’s part of what makes those bullet points good, and consistently compelling.

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