With God Behind You is a two week prayer plan that prepares customers spiritually to reconcile with their ex.

This was a really entertaining project to write for, and it drilled into my head that drawn-out “professional-looking” sales letters aren’t always the golden ticket to success. Trust me, there are a lot of meatier versions of this floating around in the ether, but this really resonated with people.

The client wanted a tone that was urgent and sober, but also friendly and uplifting. It was really important, given the audience, that this sounded like a sales letter as little as possible – I adopted a more conversational tone here that wasn’t as salesy. It needed to sound like a spiritual advisor and not a used car salesman.

It’s also important to know that I wrote an extensive amount of pre-sell material for this letter. We gradually built a relationship with articles, videos, emails… so that by the time they get to this page, they’ve been interacting with the author in one form or another for a couple of months.

Results for this one have been great – we’ve tested bigger and more elaborate versions, but this one has done this best and it’s been an anchor for the client’s business for a while.

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