Six Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Let’s take a little lighter note for this post: everything doesn’t have to be intensely serious business. I thought today would be a good day to slow the pace and give you some bite sized insights into the real me.

"Slow the pace."

“Slow the pace.”

I’ve been into lucid dreaming for a long time. I like having something to think about through the day, and lucid dreaming basically taught me that there’s a relationship between freedom and routine. In order to help trigger lucid dreams and get more effective at it, you have to take on a lot of good habits – reality checking, regulating your sleep cycle, keeping a dream journal, on and on like that. And strict routines aren’t always hindrances to freedom – in fact, if you can build a routine and stick to it, it can (not literally, but in a really strong figurative sense) unlock freedom for you like you haven’t imagined.

I used to go deep sea fishing a couple of times a year with my stepdad – spots like Savannah and Pensacola were places we’d go to all the time. We’d also go to the dam at West Point and start driving at crazy hours of the morning to beat the sunrise. It only lasted for a few years – he worked for MARTA during the 1996 Olympics were in Atlanta and he went a little bit crazy with the extra work load.

I loooove cooking. My rice machine is my best friend. I also like to bake – there’s a whole bunch of interesting things you can do with bread. I’m sort’ve weird on what I’ll spend money on. I have no problem paying ten dollars for a pound of jerk turkey but I’ll get all kinds of weird when I’m paying for clothes. Have y’all seen how much jeans cost these days? It’s crazy.

My first successful website? A fan site for Family Guy. And I’m pretty sure I started it once I saw the Kool-Aid man crash into the wall after the Super Bowl. That was before YouTube and back when buying a domain name made you a serious business guy. My ringtone is the Pirate Virus from Archer.

I love jazz fusion. One of the things I like about music is that you can trace backwards and forwards –  start with something like The Mars Volta and work backwards to. Stuff like Pandora and Grooveshark makes that easier but I like seeking out regular humans and hearing what they like. Sound Colour Vibration is usually the first tab I open up in the morning.

I like being lowest on the totem pole. I get really nervous when I’m surrounded by people who are on the “same level” as me… probably because when they screw something up I see myself in it and get upset. I try to take that idea and apply it to what I read, too. I want to hear from people who are the next step up from where I’m at (and not two or three steps up, because I want to be able to DO whatever they’re talking about).


  1. Micah,

    Some revealing and intriguing parts of your personality!

    I especially perked up at the mention of lucid dreaming. When I was a kid, I used to have the worst nightmares because I’d watch horror movies and had a hyperactive imagination to boot.

    It got so bad that I dreaded bed time each night and put my parents through an entire ordeal before I finally fell asleep. Interestingly, they would tell me right before bedtime that my dreams weren’t real and nothing in them could hurt me SO many times and with such frequency, that after a while I was able to realize when something in my nightmare was too outlandish or far-fetched to actually happen in real life. Once that dawned on me, I realized I was asleep and just needed to focus incredibly hard and try to block out the dream so that I could move in my bed and wake myself up, since I often awoke mentally in a state of sleep paralysis.

    Unfortunately, as an adult I seem to have lost the coolness I once had as a child. It seems that all the frightening things I dream of now seem all too real or possible for me to discount them as dreams.
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  2. I have always been interested in lucid dreaming but never knew where or how to start. Do you know of any good resources that you could point me to that would get me started right?

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