When it touches your customers, their minds don’t drift to anyone or anything else in the world.

It puts goosebumps on their skin, it electrifies them so much that it hurts, and they never, ever stand still.

My work is a step above even that. It’s a cold shower your customer never gets used to. Because your story and your style can’t just live on the about page anymore. It has to seep into every blog you post, every product you make, every email you send to your customers, reminding them of why you’re here and why they need you.

I write sales letters, videos, and emails that are brisk, brash, and a little uncomfortable.

That get them SHIVERING:

  • With shame as they remember where they’ve been
  • With excitement when they recognize your business as the guiding hand they’ve wanted all along
  • With anticipation as they think about where you’re going to take them next.

When you get that, you get the swagger of knowing every affiliate that sees your copy is going to RUSH to promote you.

And the fist-pumping, barely-breathe-because-i’m-so-excited glee of a launch that puts your lifestyle on a whole different plateau and makes the next project that much easier.
Yeah, the next one. I get the ball rolling on your entire business LIFE.

You Never Get That With Lukewarm Copywriting, Full Stop.

And that’s… you know.
Hustle copywriting.
“You’re in a rush and you write something that sounds like an executive summary of your five main competitors” copywriting.
It technically does the job,  but it doesn’t STING to stand under it first thing in the morning.
That’s not narrative copywriting, that’s… white noise.
And even if your customers aren’t sales experts…
They’ll know just enough to pass you over.

Why Me?

Because I’m a gunfighter that works for killers – men and women who own offline shops, online businesses, and six-figure information empires.
They like the steady stream of income and positive feedback they get without lifting a finger.
They LOVE the knots I put in the competition’s stomach.
And they can’t afford to lose – EVER.
So look at your own sales material.
Are you telling people you’re selling?
Or are you making them feel stupid for not buying?
You’re NOT paying for a stream of words that sales people use. Any scrub can rub those together.
You’re paying for ideas. Someone that will sit down and devote entire days to asking those questions, racking his brain to make sure your customers care about your business as much as you do.

People aren’t always willing to change until they hit rock bottom. And every inch of your copy is like a rock bottom moment – it’s the wake up call that tells them they’ve got to shape up right now because they can’t afford to lose anymore.

Because you can be the one that lifts them up, solves that problem, puts them up on higher ground.

You want me in your corner because when you grab someone like that, you’ve got their heart and their wallet FOREVER.

  • A chiropractor isn’t just a place to escape back pain – it’s a place to get relief for your whole body without getting shaken down.
  • A marketing coach doesn’t just help you make more money – she gives you relief from long hours at the computer, respect from your family, and helps you snatch up as much of your identity as possible.
  • A private investigator doesn’t just watch a cheating husband – she gives you the chance to get reclaim your own identity from a relationship that’s morphed into a nightmare of stress and humiliation.

What about your identity? Are you getting everything you need from your business?

Or do you need someone to connect the dots between what you sell and why they buy?

Why You?

Because you deserve to get a win. Here’s the criteria for that, by the way:

  • You understand that this is an investment, not an expense. I don’t want to hear about how you’re going to be homeless if my copy isn’t a grand slam.
  • You sell something that works. It doesn’t have to be politically correct, but it does have to do what it says on the tin.
  • You don’t have to check with a team before giving an answer. Not an automatic no. But I have a surcharge for asking me to stick my thumb up my ass while you have a group huddle.
  • This isn’t McDonald’s. If you’re one of those people that thinks cutting me a check means I have to absorb your attitude, go elsewhere. I’m looking for positive, driven people, not assholes. I will return your deposit and forget your number. So just take it easy, okay?

My email address is micah [a/t] micahmedina dot com. It’s an easy way to contact me.