A Few Unusual Things You Can Do WIth PLR

Sick of listening to people tell you to rewrite your PLR? Have you bought some PLR content and now you’re looking for some interesting way to deploy it? Here are some ideas that you (hopefully) haven’t heard a dozen times before.

Make It Multimedia

"General Ideas".

“General Ideas”.

One of the easiest things to do with PLR is make it fuel for audio and video content. You don’t have to do a lazy one for one reading, but use the general ideas in the PLR to stay on point. This will help you when it’s time to make a podcast or kick off a YouTube channel.

Make A List, Check It Twice

Break the information in PLR articles into a list format. Just take the tips from 3 or 4 PLR articles and reorganize them, then write them up into a single article. You can also rantify your PLR. For example, talk about a current event that’s really upset you and sneak in the facts and opinions in your PLR. This gives that material a fresh coat without you needing to do a full rewrite.

Get Real!

A lot of people download PLR and assume they have to change it around because they’re worried Google will find duplicate content and stomp on them. But the world doesn’t revolve around Google, and there are plenty of places Google can’t index: like reality! Give speeches and presentations to local businesses. Create a script that you can use when talking to business owners over the phone. Make a FAQ or printed materials that you can deliver in person.

PLR comes in forms besides articles. You can get contracts, letters, and all of the promotional backbone that makes your business run. Brochures, anything really!


This kind of has two smaller ideas, but the basic idea is to take your PLR and use it for a purpose totally different from intended. First, you can do this for SEO purposes. Take a standard piece of PLR and add some keyword density. Not too much – keywords aren’t the end of the world in 2013.

You can also take PLR that’s meant for use in one niche and make use of it in another niche. Look for cool headlines, opening sentences, stories and ideas that are in well-written PLR and use it as a jumping point for your own work in a  different niche.

Be Quotable!

Now, this is a tip that’s going to have different effectiveness based on your niche, and the flair of your PLR. There are times when a single line from PLR content can be really useful. Read a PLR report and find lines that make great tweets, great image macros, and great quotes, and make those smaller pieces of content. This is a perfect idea for a tumblr, or a Facebook page where you’re trying to make shareable images.

Take that PLR and make a high quality information product.

This method has some serious advantages – first of all, you don’t have to worry about a search engine like Google taking a chunk out of your butt. Second, it’s going to help build your mailing list and make some immediate income at the same time. The more valuable information you can share with the people in your market, the more they’ll look to you in the future.

More than that, a good product is an excellent way to get yourself in the eyes of JVs, affiliate partners, and other people that’ll help expand your business in the long run.

I’ve got a video series called PLR Liftoff that’ll show you how to do JUST THAT. “PLR Liftoff” is about 110 pages of content and an hour and a half long video, both dedicated to showing you how my system for creating effective products, and how you can speed that process up by using PLR.

I spend time discussing how I research ideas for products, how I write sales material, and the methods I use to write compelling content that satisfies readers. Check it out.


  1. That’s more than I was expecting with this post’s title! I didn’t think of any of those and, incredibly, they are some very obvious things that sound like they will work amazingly!

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