What Do I Have To Offer?

I ran into a lot of baby eagles: people who have the right mental attitude when it comes to online business, but don’t have the time, don’t have the money, don’t have the technical know-how to put everything together. And when they’re first starting to put together their business, they’re a little curious as to what they can give to get people to sign on with them. What you put on your squeeze page is obviously a really important question.


So let’s talk about some physical ways you can get people to sign up for a mailing list, and how to get them to really want desperately to sign up for your mailing list, want what you have to offer, and make sure that what you have to offer is something that you can deliver and follow up on in the long term.


What Do You Need?

Number one is before you even start putting together your squeeze page and putting together your offer, you want to think about what your goal is and what you want to sell long term. So spend a little time, make sure you have affiliate products that are lined up in your niche, and spend time looking at their sales pages because that’s where you’re ultimately going to deliver the big promises that they might have.

Spend time looking at headlines, bullet points, sub headlines, and ask yourself, “Is there a way that I can give this away to somebody who’s interested in the subject?”

For example, if you’re in the dog training niche and you are looking for a way to train your dog and make them obedient and compliant, one smaller problem people might have is small dogs that bark a lot. They yip, yip, yip all the time.

Your giveaway on your squeeze page may be something that specifically discusses a way to get a small dog to stop barking. Now, they’ll have larger problems than just the one small dog that stops barking. Maybe they want them to sit, to stay, not to chase cars. But when you’ve nailed down one small specific problem and given a real solution to it, it makes them more likely to trust you in the future.

Research, research and more research!

Spend time doing research on your niche and the people that will be purchasing from you in the future. Your knowledge has value. And if you don’t have that knowledge, there are lots of ways to get it. Start reading books by experts in your niche, start watching videos. All you need to do is become more knowledgeable about the topic than most of the population.

And this is also important, be able to communicate that knowledge in a way that everyone can understand. And people do this in different ways. Some businesses will give out a white paper on the subject, which is basically a comprehensive overview of the problems that are being faced by people in the niche. Some businesses give out physical stuff like coupons in order to get people to sign up for a mailing list to put in their email address.

Some people will just give away a promise.

And if you work in internet marketing, I’m sure you’ve come across this: they’ll send people to a squeeze page with a really sexy video that gives away some tips.

Then they say, ‘Hey, this product’s going to come out on Friday. Only a hundred copies are going to be sold. You need to sign up right now so that you can know about it and be one of those select few.’

Trust me, if the information that’s being given away is really good, you can bet your bottom dollar that people will be interested in it.


What Can You Offer?

It’s important to remember that no matter what your position is, you have something of value to give. Sometimes, that can just be from your identity. You can target to women, you can target older people, you can target single people, or even people with families. And you can give information that might be common knowledge, but give it from the unique perspective of a person who is in their life position and struggling with their problems.

Here’s another thing you can do; you can give a service for free. If you’re a graphic designer, give away graphic images. If you’re a lawyer, give away a consultation.

Consultations always work for anybody who has professional knowledge. Finally, if you don’t have any of those things, appeal to people’s base emotions about this topic. If they’re afraid of something, tell them about the seven greatest dangers that they’ll face along the way. Talk about the top ten reasons why they should or shouldn’t do something.

This seems like basic information, but nobody wants to be left out. That’s why you can be aggressive here and find a real useful and workable solution to their problems. As long as you have that, you will always have a growing mailing list.


  1. When I started out, even now, I have the time and money, just not as much technical expertise as I would like. I am going to have to start farming out the work that I don’t know or can’t do effectively. I am trying to market my business but don’t know where to start so that’s my first challenge.

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