When Two Gurus Contradict Each Other

So, I travel a lot between cities. My fiance likes my hair up, my relatives (and honestly, most of my friends at home) like it down. There’s nothing worse than having two people with completely contradictory advice fussing at you!  You’re practically guaranteed to hurt somebody’s feelings. Sad to say, you run into this pretty often if you’re looking to build a business online.

A Sea Of Contradictions

"You'll run into this a lot."

“You’ll run into this a lot.”

You spend enough time surfing blogs, and you’ll run into Guy A that tells you that you can make a fortune with article marketing. And you’ll nod your head at Guy A’s deep and savage wisdom and get to work on those articles.

And you’ll write about 20 articles and stumble into a blog post from Guy B. And THAT guy says that free traffic is dead, and honestly, it feels pretty dead to you, because you wrote all these articles and didn’t get much from it. So, between Guy A and Guy B, you eventually get flustered and don’t do ANYTHING at all.

You’ll run into this a lot. One guy says use SEO, another guy says don’t use SEO. One guy says use long headlines, the other guy says use short headlines that are to the point.  One guy says write bullets that are like headlines. Another guy says they need to be mysterious and leave you hanging…

Why Does This Happen In The First Place?

There’s a huge variety of help out there because there’s not just one golden method of making money online. I mean, just think about how broad of a topic it is, and how many methods YOU’VE run into or even tried on yourself. Not only are there a lot of methods, there are a lot of people with different skills and different backgrounds.

The problem is, so many people have got their big binoculars on, looking for “Mad Lib Money” – somebody tells them to get into X niche, write X articles X words long and wait for someone to send them a check… they tend to rely completely on the guidance of others because they don’t have a lot of confidence and experience on their own!

Then they get frustrated because Those Other Guys didn’t have advice that was perfectly suited for them, and they feel lied to.

It shouldn’t be your first instinct to blame them.

It’s tough to expect one person’s advice to map flawlessly onto the huge variety of situations we might find ourselves in. Since your skills, resources, and niches are going to vary, the usefulness of the advice will vary too. If you can’t write to save your life, I can give you all the advice in the world, and it isn’t going to make you a better writer. Honestly, it’s something you’ve got to work at for a long time until you can internalize it, and reading can help alert you to some flaws, but it’s not going to make you a master overnight.

What Entrepreneurs & Executives Do

I don’t care how smart you are. Even the President has to make decisions in areas he doesn’t have a lot of knowledge in. You surround yourself with advisers who gel with you, people you trust. You take their advice under advisement. But ultimately, you’ve got to be willing to try something yourself, and be responsible for your own success and failure.

It’s not as depressing as it sounds, because most advice in internet marketing is better than doing nothing if you stick with it. If you’ve written a bunch of articles, don’t worry about it – you’ll find other places to leverage those articles if traditional methods don’t work! If you’ve sunk a lot of money into SEO, some results are better than no results. And you can build on it and try something else.

So, think a little bit about your target customers. What have they responded to in the past? What are other people in your niche doing? Can you think of a twist that might improve your results?

Next, think about your own skillset. It’s almost never a good idea to learn a brand new skill if you don’t have to.

DON’T be afraid to make mistakes, and don’t spend so much time reading in the nae of perfection that you don’t get anything done. Every successful person I’ve run into has blown it once in a while. Not just wasting money, but wasting TIME.  But whatever goes wrong, you learn, you get better, and more often than not, you have an asset that you can use later on!

And the end of the day, you need the guts to wear your hair the way you want to wear it.


  1. I guess it makes sense that two experts in their fields might have contradicting views on something and even though they may be completely different, both ideas could turn out working very well.

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