Why Not Put $100 In Your Paypal Account Tonight?

Listen, I don’t care how big of a game you hear on WickedDigiWarrior – everybody ain’t making full-time money online. Sometimes it’s a matter of a busy day job… other times, it’s a matter of being a little too desperate to throw things together.

Regardless of where you are in your internet marketing career, there are always methods that you can implement immediately to make a few hundred if you’re just starting out, especially if you have a little money to start with for basics like hosting and an autoresponder.


“The more desperate you are, the more likely you are to think too small.”

Best of all, you DON’T have to have a lot of skills or be an expert in internet marketing to implement these strategies into your business.  If you have some basic technical skills and you’re a good communicator, you’re going to be able to work this business model.

Do y’all remember the show VIP? Really corny show, and I just barely remember it myself  but it had Pamela Anderson playing the “leader” of a crew of bodyguards after she accidentally foiled some crime or another and got some publicity.

Was she really a skilled bodyguard? Hell no.

But she was the face of the company, she gave off the right image and she was able to bring in clients that these ninja-types couldn’t bring in themselves.

See what I’m getting at here?

Let’s discuss some ways to put money in your pocket as soon as tonight:

Articles And Graphics

I am mentioning this method first because these are two of the easiest ways for a complete beginner to make money on the internet.

Don’t worry if you are not a great writer, lord knows there’s a massive demand for writers at every level. If you are a great writer, you can charge a lot more for your work once you are known by a lot of people.

What I’d say though is that you want to avoid a “race to the bottom” where you’re writing for pennies. The most important piece of writing you need to do are the front facing stuff like samples and the sales page. After that, start looking for talented people to team up with and work as an editor.

Trust me, you will drive yourself insane handling orders solo.

Now if you’re flat broke, you can throw yourself into a site where you can write stuff for more money – like Constant Content. You can make as much as $40 for a 500 word article – you won’t get paid right away, but you don’t get instant payments on a service like Clickbank either.

It is a good site to check out if you are a good writer and you need to make a start.

Setting Up WordPress Sites For Marketers

Most internet marketers buy domains and then never do anything with them.  Domain auction sites are littered with aged domains that have expired because the previous owner didn’t have time to do anything with the domain.

Once you realize there are a lot of parked domains out there that are not doing anything, you realize that there is a market for people who want to make a quick buck setting up WordPress blogs for marketers that are too busy doing to do it on their own.

Respond To Ads For People Looking for Simple Tasks

Go to various internet marketing forums and look in the wanted and freelance sections.  In many cases, there will be people looking for people who need various tasks completed.  Some people will want Scrapebox blasts completed.  Other people may want you to bookmark their sites for you.  It could be an easy task like answering questions on Yahoo Answers.  There are lots of strange monotonous tasks that  marketers will pay other people to do for them – they get a little further ahead and want somebody to help take the load off their shoulders.

Why not help?

Sometimes you just have to start emailing people asking for work.  Running ads for WordPress installations and web design is great, but sometimes it is much better to just ask people for work.  If you have a list of previous clients, one of the best steps you can take to make money today is to email these clients and offer your services to them again. Believe it or not, people won’t always rehire people they’ve worked with unless prompted.

The Vital Steps

  1. Writing a letter selling your services – look at other ones in the niche, figure out who you’re going to target and at which price range. Your headlines, images, color schemes, languages are all going to flow from that.
  2. Create an effective design. PLR images, graphics, and stock photos are all worth looking into, it’s an easy way to look professional without spending too much time doing eeeeverything by hand. If you’re a no-hoper with this, go somewhere like VIPMinisites or Header Valley.
  3. Produce samples. If you’re working with outsourcers, just get some from them – it’s representative of the quality that you’ll be delivering anyway. Of course, if you can handle it yourself, do so.
  4. Package it up – can you make yourself more “full service”? For example, there’s one thing to write a book, and another thing to make graphics, and another thing to do a site installation… could you make a service that does ALL of these things?
  5. Hustle – don’t just count on a posted advertisement – post them everywhere you can, and contact people on a 1 to 1 basis.

Arbitrage is one of the EASIEST ways to get a foot in the door online – you don’t need to have the skills, you just need to sell them. If you don’t want to get tripped up hunting down the clients though, why not get set up on Fiverr. The Fiverr Arbitrage system is really built to get you started on a site like Fiverr that comes with LOTS of exposure , but you can take the ideas relating to automating your business and put them anywhere.

If you’ve got experience in outsourcing and arbitrage and have horror stories, learning stories, success stories, or pointers, why not share them in the comments?


  1. These are some really good ideas! I think that anyone just starting out should read this post and see what they can do. The extra money might be the boost that they need to really scale things up and get started.

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