Flashlight Stun Gun

 Flashlight Stun Gun


Do you work late at night? Do you pass the same dark alley every day? Do you always fear for your safety and your love ones? Do you want a handy self-defense gadget .38 special ammo  that you can easily use? Then FLASHLIGHT STUNGUN is the answer to these questions.

Yes, that’s right! A flashlight stun gun. It is concealed in a flashlight. It is a 2-in-1 product that comes in handy for any emergency situations. It will enable you to walk at night without ever fearing for your life.

This device is a well-known non-lethal product used in the police force, military, security, and even by certain individuals. It releases shock/electric charge when the trigger button is pressed. It then renders an attacker or assailant temporarily disabled for a couple of minutes depending on the voltage delivered.

The effects of stun gun to a human body are as follows:

Loss of muscular system control. As the electric charge hits the muscle, a person will loss control over his muscles making him drop or fall to ground and he will be unable to move until the effects of the shock subside.

Loss of central nervous system control. The electric charge also results to confusion or loss of consciousness as it affects the central nervous system.

Agonizing pain. There is no doubt that stun guns really produce a shock that gives a lot of pain to a person.

So why use this flashlight?

Handy. You can put in your purse or bag and you can take it anywhere.

Non-lethal. The shock delivered by this flashlight makes a person disabled but it does not cause any permanent damage, not even death.

User-friendly. Unlike the conventional hand gun, these guns do not require any training to be used. You just need to read the instruction manual and you are set to go.

Cheap. These devices are very cheap self-defense products.




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