Ancient Athens Versus Modern Athens


Antiquated Athens versus current Athens??? Might we at any point wed those two direct opposites without bringing about any shame? Might we at some point be all in all correct to think that such a task might wind up into showing an extensive absence of vision …in the event that not, an extraordinary absence of culture????

Old Athens versus current Athens??….A question critical for vacationers who wish to visit Greece…who wish to respect old Athens in its unique “dress”…who wish to appreciate, simultaneously, solace and advancement in their day to day routine…


Current Athens has prevailed to acknowledge such a thinking for even a moment to project without harming its valuable old environment.

We wouldn’t go further into this subject without underlining the presence of a lady at the top of the City Council : a cutting edge young woman, Mrs Dora Bakoyannis has been   this refers to Athens as the Mayor of current Athens.

Under her direction, the City Council has fostered various social exercises occurring outside (at Summer Time, at Christmas Time, at Easter Time…).

Does the year 2004 remind you anything? …2004… an enchanted year for present day Athens.


2004… has propelled huge number of specialists and laborers to make another search for their city. Present day Athens started to project her new picture: another conceived city prepared for the Olympics Games … Antiquated Athens and present day Athens were pleased …so were the citizens…ready to invite the hordes of guests.

Many elements have been created to get the visitors:

…strolling streets to visit Archeological Sites

…extra eateries, Bars, Café-Bars

…sea shores have become available by Trolley

…the public vehicle framework has exceptionally moved along

…development of lovely parkways

…expansion of numerous lodgings and rooms in Athens.


From the Airport, you can get to Ancient Athens or current Athens or to suburbia) by utilizing public Transport, limousines administrations or taxis….Taxis and public vehicle are more than sensible (a ticket for the Airport Express Line is 2.90 euros/really great for 24 hours).

Looking for a spot to remain can be rearranged with the Internet. Rooms in Athens and Greekster can give you all data you really want for a vital visit to the place that is known for your fantasy.


Also, know we should play this ”test” to confirm our data :


1.The city hall leader of current Athens is, A….Peter Papandreou – – B….Dora Bakoyannis


  1. The last Olympics games in present day Athens occurred in the year, A…2000 – – B….2004


3.To visit the Archaelogical Sites, moving between different places, A…. you need to go with the Trolley – – B….you can go by walking


4.The new metro stations seem to be, A….a sky painted in blue – – B….a living gallery


5.To get to Ancient Athens or current Athens

from the Airport, A….you need to lease a vehicle or…drive your own – – B…you can utilize the metro


Replies at to this article. Test: answers and remarks


1.=A, 2.=B, 3.- =B, 4.=B, 5.=B


Remarks: If you found, 5 responses = brilliant, 4 responses = awesome, 3 responses = you want to peruse more articles regarding this matter, 2 responses = you want to come to Greece 1 response = Athens is pausing …it can hardly hold on to be found by YOU.


This article is intended to help you in your hunt of Ancient Athens versus current Athens. Greek travel going in Athens Greece free travel tips.

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